About us

The publishing house e-BWN is a property of HUVITUS Damian Prystrom, which was established at 1st of November 2010. The idea of creating www.e-bwn.com publishing platform was born from the desire to enable rapid and seamless publication of the results of the research, by researchers from all over the world. Just send us:

- ready text,
- saved in pdf,
- review of publication, signed by the reviewer, scanned and attached as an attachment.
- e-bwn.com also offers an extra cost review

We will give ISBN your publication and post it on a public platform, to which access will have any interested visitor. Electronic publication is quicker and often much cheaper publication procedure, and what's more is better positioned for its Citation Rate in the world !!! The condition for paper's publication is prepared affixing it in summary, plan and signed review in English. This is applied to works written in languages other than Polish.


Publisher e-bwn.com offers the opportunity to deliver original works of research and teaching in all fields of science, which after the application and accepted for publication are provided in the appropriate catalogue, where is accessible to all interested readers.


Access to e-bwn.com is open to any interested person. They can freely look here and draw in the publication of both faculty and students from around the world. Therefore, your publication has a chance to reach the farthest corners of the globe.


1 publication

500 PLN

1 publication


1 publication

125 EURO


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